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Multi-State Lobby

Multi-state and Washington DC Focused

Businesses are smarter and better connected, Federal/State and Local governments are more empowered; we understand the challenges of connecting broad interests in the Information Age.

Consistent regional and national team-building is a critical component for success in today’s political environment.

Capitol Resources seeks to constantly improve our efforts aimed at:

  • Education and Information to assure that we offer strategically sound advice and plan development
  • Relationship development focused on key decision makers and elected officials
  • Innovative and compelling communications strategies to support clients’ advocacy needs
  • Adding energetic, smart, compelling, professionals to our lobbying team

We continuously invest in the development, enhancement and expansion of our government relations team.

By adding exceptional professionals, our firm is firmly focused on offering clients’ enhanced lobbying solutions throughout the South and in Washington, DC.

Beyond where we have physical offices in Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and West Virginia, we have strong political and lobbying relationships in Texas, Arkansas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky and most other states.